Hands across
the hills
Leverett, MA | Letcher county, KY

I Could Cry a River

The Hands Across the Hills interview with Paula Green and Jay Frost runs from 35:28-52:30.

During the weekend of Oct. 27-29, a small group of concerned citizens in Leverett are welcoming 15 Kentuckians from Appalachian coal country into our homes — and we hope into our hearts.

Their two vans will arrive in the dark after a 15-hour journey. We think they are brave to com...

Like millions of Americans, I was devastated by Donald Trump’s electoral college win last November. During the days that followed, I encountered many others — friends and strangers alike — who felt the same way.

However, rather than dwelling on my negative response, for the first...

After watching the divisiveness and political base-pandering emanating from the White House this past week, it was a welcome relief to hear about two politically very different groups of people — one from conservative Kentucky coal country and another from liberal Leverett — who...

LEVERETT — Letcher County, Ky., has an estimated population of about 23,000 — about one-third that of Franklin County, with a per capita income of $17,194 and about one-third of its residents live in poverty, compared to a $30,584 per capita income and 11.8 percent poverty in Fra...

Building Democracy in ‘Trump Country’ - the article by Ben Fink that prompted Leverett to make the connection. Ben Fink works at Kentucky's Appalshop, a grass-roots multimedia arts center. He writes about how he and his community have been working with each other in the aftermath...

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The voices of Hands Across the Hills speak with honesty and empathy and reach for common ground.  Video by David Rabinovitz.

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Hands Across the Hills:

Chapter 1

View our short film capturing the spirit of the October 2017 visit of Kentuckians to Leverett.  Video by David Rabinovitz.