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I Could Cry a River

Arte TV, Europe's public television, commissioned German filmmaker Jorg Daniel Hissen, to film a documentary about polarization in the US. The film features Hands Across the Hills along with various American voices and settings. It was aired in France, North Africa and Germany, t...

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” — James Baldwin

I’ve led dialogue groups in many countries undergoing a struggle for reconciliation. Entering dialogue on race in South Carolina last month, I felt that few have been more...

Hear Amilcar Shabazz and Paula Green describe the founding of the Bridge4Unity project and share their perspectives after their recent trip to South Carolina.



Interview begins at 29:59.


February 24, 2019


Unitarian Universalist Church of Amherst

121 North Pleasant Street

Amherst, MA

Free and Open to the Public

Eighteen of us from the Pioneer Valley—people of African, Indigenous and European descent—traveled to the Low Country of South Carolina for a weeken...

Paula Green has worked in peace-building and conflict resolution for three decades, often in places torn apart by war and ethnic violence. After the 2016 election, she took on an assignment closer to home, as lead organizer for Hands Across the Hills, a group that tries to create...

LEVERETT – After a year of drawing attention solely from The Greenfield Recorder, this town’s Hands Across the Hills effort and its organizer, Paula Green, are in the spotlight nationally and internationally as an effort to help bridge the political – and now racial – divides in...

LEVERETT, Mass. — Paula Green has spent much of her life working on conflicts abroad. In places like Bosnia, Rwanda and Myanmar, Dr. Green, an American psychologist, brings together survivors of war, helping them see past their differences so they can live with one another again.


Here in our feature “Grateful Changemakers,” we celebrate programs and projects that serve as beacons of gratefulness. These efforts elevate the values of grateful living and illuminate their potential to transform both individuals and communities. Join us in appreciating the ins...

Something extraordinary will quietly happen here this weekend. You might not have heard about it. I just got the news, myself, right before deadline. 

It’s called Bridge4Unity. I don’t always cotton to cutesy names like that, but Unity is one of my pet pursuits, and I’m a big fan...

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The voices of Hands Across the Hills speak with honesty and empathy and reach for common ground.  Video by David Rabinovitz.

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Hands Across the Hills:

Chapter 1

View our short film capturing the spirit of the October 2017 visit of Kentuckians to Leverett.  Video by David Rabinovitz.