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Bands Across the Hills: Concert/fundraiser for Kentucky Flood Relief

September 17, 2022

7:00 pm

Leverett Crafts & Arts
13 Montague Road
Leverett, MA 01054

Please join Hands Across the Hills for a musical fundraiser, BANDS ACROSS THE HILLS, for Kentucky Flood Relief, organized by Mark Gamble and Friends. Three bands will play, along with singers Sarah Pirtle, a founding member of HATH, and Kentucky-trained Norma Jean Haynes.

Funds collected on GoFundMe will go to two community-led organizations in Letcher County that have been involved in Hands Across the Hills since the start and are run by individuals we know and trust: Cowan Community Action Group and Hemphill Community Center. Both are playing a central role in flood recovery efforts, which will take not weeks but months and years.

Please note: the entry fee for concert admission and the bar (cash or check only) are separate from any donation you might care to make to the GoFundMe page that's been created for this fundraiser. And please know that even if you cannot attend this concert, your donation via GoFundMe is most welcome! Thank you everyone!

Please contribute to our fundraiser on GOFUNDME:


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