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  • Sharon Dunn

HATH lead story on front pages of two local newspapers

Two Pioneer Valley newspapers, the Daily Hampshire Gazette and Greenfield Recorder, both ran HATH's upcoming feature on CBS Evening News as front page headlines. Both papers have consistently run features on the activities of Hands Across the Hills, and have helped share our bridging work across the Valley.

Past coverage has included the Kentuckians' visit to Leverett in October 2017 and October 2019, and Leverett's visit to Kentucky in April 2018. In addition,

the papers have covered local gatherings where HATH members have shared their experiences with the public.

The Greenfield Recorder also has begun running an occasional "My Turn" from HATH writers, where one Kentuckian and one Leverett HATH member writes on the same topic; our first was on the Covid-19 vaccine and how both communities were thinking about vaccination.

Local journalism has helped spread the word about the efforts of Hands Across the Hills to engage in real and deep conversations with others of differing opinions.


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