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  • Ben Fink, TDR/The Drama Review

Secular Communion in the Coalfields: The Populist Aesthetic and Practice of Roadside TheateR

Ben Fink, HATH’s first organizing partner from Letcher County, tells the story of how he came to Kentucky, who he worked with there, and what they’ve built together over the past five years.

Massachusetts HATH participants got to experience this work firsthand during a visit in 2018—including brick-oven pizza and bluegrass at the Hemphill Community Center/Black Sheep Brick Oven Bakery, BBQ ribs and

chicken by cooked by volunteer fire chief Bill Meade, and a staged reading of Roadside Theater’s original play “The Future of Letcher County.”

"Roadside Theater is dedicated to artistic excellence in pursuit of the proposition that the world is immeasurably enriched when people and cultures tell their own stories and listen to the unique stories of others."

Click here to read Ben Fink’s article:

“The Future of Letcher County” performed by Roadside Theater at the Cowan Community Center, April 2018, with Massachusetts HATH participants in attendance.

This article first appeared in the Winter 2020 edition of TDR/The Drama Review, published by MIT Press.

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