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I Could Cry a River


Leverett Hands Across the Hills visited the Black Sheep Bakery in Hemphill KY as part of our bridging project.  This film from Freethink features HATH's Gwen Johnson who began the bakery, providing employment and healthy bread to the community hard hit by the end of the monocultu...

Time Magazine has just published a feature "Meet 27 People Bridging Divides Across America". Among those 27 are Paula Green of Leverett, MA and Ben Fink of Letcher County, KY, key figures in the Hands Across the Hills bridging initiative that in 2017 partnered 22 Leverett reside...

Sometimes it seems the only thing blue and red voters share is mutual contempt. Organizations like Better Angels or Bridge the Divide try to promote civility by establishing rules for speaking together respectfully in a "safe" space. Their workshops, led by trained facilitators,...

With polarization on the rise in the United States, Hands Across the Hills bridges divides by bringing groups from vastly different parts of the country together. Station WGBY in Springfield filmed us at our October 2019 gathering of eastern Kentuckians and residents of Leverett...

Over the past two years, the Hands Across the Hills cultural exchange project has created strong bonds of friendship between conservative Kentuckians from Letcher County, Kentucky, and progressives in Leverett, Massachusetts.

For providing hope in a time of divisiveness, our proje...

LEVERETT — The nation’s political divide may have widened, but the bond between Kentuckians and Leverett residents who met for the third time last weekend to bridge differences has deepened, members of the group said.

The Hands Across the Hills project, begun after the 2016 electi...

A culture-crossing project borne of the 2016 election met for the third time this past weekend in Leverett, Massachusetts.

Hands Across the Hills includes a small group from Letcher County, Kentucky — a Trump stronghold — and another group from mostly-liberal Leverett. 

The pr...


Join Leverett's Hands Across the Hills and our HATH Friends from Letcher County KY
in a Public Forum:

Celebrating the Bridging of Two Communities 

Sunday October 13th  3-5 PM

Leverett Elementary School, 85 Montague Road, Leverett, MA

Our eastern Kentucky friends are visiting us a sec...

LEVERETT — A project that started two years ago to bridge political and cultural divides between Leverett residents and people living in Letcher County, Kentucky will continue during the Oct. 11-13 weekend.

Hands Across the Hills, formed in October 2017 as a means of getting peopl...

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The voices of Hands Across the Hills speak with honesty and empathy and reach for common ground.  Video by David Rabinovitz.

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Hands Across the Hills:

Chapter 1

View our short film capturing the spirit of the October 2017 visit of Kentuckians to Leverett.  Video by David Rabinovitz.