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April 2023 Training success

The second Hands Across the Hills "Dialogue Across Divides" training was held at Mt. Toby Meeting House in Leverett April 27-29 with nineteen participants from the US and abroad. Johanna Solomon of Kent State University led the dialogue training, and Ben Fink of HATH led the community organizing training. HATH's first training took place in October 2021 led by Paula Green and Ben Fink.

Over two and a half days, participants engaged in various methods of dialogue including the story circle and various forms of formal dialogue. Community organizing including an extensive power mapping component as well as training in effective one-on-one relational meetings with individuals of interest in a community.

On Friday night members of HATH and allies of the bridging group were guests at dinner and later participated in a 'fishbowl' dialogue, facilitated by two of the training participants. In addition to Solomon and Fink, the training was staffed by Jennifer Hall-Witt, Chris Kelly and Mark Hannum, trainees in 2021, as well as by HATH's Sharon Dunn. Catering, homestays and travel were arranged by HATH's Debbie Roth-Howe and Pam Szczesny.

This cohort of trainees has plans to continue to support each other in their community work by staying in touch via Zoom, as has the 2021 cohort.


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