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Successful fundraiser for eastern KY flood relief

THANK YOU to everyone, both in our Western Massachusetts community and beyond, for generously contributing to the fundraiser for Eastern Kentucky flood relief. We are proud to have reached our $10,000 GO FUND ME goal online! The September 17 "Bands Across the Hills" evening significantly added to our donated funds, and we are deeply grateful to the musicians who initiated the event and shared their talent with us. This vibrant musical event was attended by over 100 people at Leverett Crafts and Arts and featured video and flood photographs from Kentucky.

Cowan Community Action Center of Whitesburg KY and Hemphill Community Center of Jackhorn KY

are the recipients of all funds raised. Both organizations are run by Hands Across the Hills members: at Cowan, Valerie Horn and Nell Fields, and at Hemphill, Gwen Johnson. Here are links to their organizations. The need for aid will be ongoing, through the year and beyond. Additional donations are always welcome.

Again, thank you to each and every one of you who have helped folks in Eastern Kentucky with your donation.


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