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  • Stacey Lennard

NEPR's NEXT interviews Paula Green & Danielle Barshak

On February 21 Paula Green and Danielle Barshak, were interviewed on New England Public Radio's NEXT program. View the broadcast here (our segment begins at 13 min and runs for approx. 17 min).

Find out when NEXT airs on your local public radio station:

NEXT is a weekly NPR radio show and podcast about New England, one of America's oldest places, at a time of change. It's hosted by John Dankosky at Connecticut Public Radio in Hartford.

With New England as our laboratory, NEXT asks questions about how we power our society, how we move around, and how we adapt. It's about trends that provide us challenges and present us with new opportunities. New England has old rules and customs, with well-worn pathways forged centuries ago, and its population is aging fast.

Through original reporting and interviews, on NEXT we ask important questions about the issues we explore: where are we now? How did we get here? And what's next?

We're finding out how our six small states are tackling similar problems in different ways, and we're searching for the connections that already exist. In what ways does New England really function as one large state, instead of a collection of tiny colonial outposts? NEXT charts the changes in our populations to and from our urban areas.


Sunday, April 29, Noon-1:30pm EST

Paula Green and Sharon Dunn will be video-interviewed about their KY experiences by a group of seeker/activists around the world who are part of OWL: One World Wisdom Circle.

RSVP to the videoconference here (you must RSVP to gain access):


A monthly video-circle for sharing wisdom, experience and support among global citizens everywhere.

The global video conference is the 2rd Sunday of every month, at 9 AM Pacific Time.

Opening to spiritual wisdom — a global video conference circle of people who seek to share the sacred and serve the world.

What's the conversation flow?

We start with a moment of silence, then invite our first speaker -- a global citizen/activist engaged in changing the world through service -- to share their story, and pose a question to the circle. Then, we open it up to the circle to engage in deep sharing.

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