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Paula Green's Talk Accepting First Domestic Award for Peacebuilding

In October 2018 the Alliance for Peacebuilding, a network of over 100 organizations, gave its first Melanie Greenberg Award for Domestic Peacebuilding to Hands Across the Hills. Paula Green, accepting the award at the Alliance's annual conference in Washington DC, gave a brief talk summarizing our project to bridge divides -- available here.

She closed her talk to the conference with these words: "I thank you for this honor that Alliance for Peacebuilding has bestowed on Hands Across the Hills. I take this award on behalf of all of us in KY and MA who have put our hearts into this vision.

"We will carry the work forward in the hopes that rather than forfeiting our democracy, that we keep reaching out across hills and divides to make room for each other and create some semblance of wholeness that perhaps this country has really never known. We need to act soon and decisively, before the chasms between us become too wide to cross."

Paula Green facilitating a public meeting of reflections on our trip to Kentucky, Spring 2018.

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