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Join us: 2/24 Reflections on B4U Dialogues in South Carolina on Race & Racism

February 24, 2019


Unitarian Universalist Church of Amherst

121 North Pleasant Street

Amherst, MA

Free and Open to the Public

Eighteen of us from the Pioneer Valley—people of African, Indigenous and European descent—traveled to the Low Country of South Carolina for a weekend of dialogue and cultural exchange focusing on racism and white privilege. We gathered with 12 South Carolinians as well as 4 of our Hands Across the Hills Kentucky friends in intense dialogue circles. Come hear B4U members, including facilitator Paula Green and Steering Committee member Amilcar Shabazz describe their experience.

  • What did we explore in the closed daily dialogues?

  • What shifts and insights emerged?

  • What did we learn about each other & ourselves?

  • Where does this endeavor go next?

  • Answers to your questions….& more

Bridge4Unity, founded in 2018, and affiliated with Hands Across the Hills is a grass-roots project committed to confronting racism and white privilege through interracial dialogues that promote community healing.

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