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Public Forum: Celebrating the Bridging of Two Communities

Join Leverett's Hands Across the Hills and our HATH Friends from Letcher County KY in a Public Forum:

Celebrating the Bridging of Two Communities

Sunday October 13th 3-5 PM

Leverett Elementary School, 85 Montague Road, Leverett, MA

Our eastern Kentucky friends are visiting us a second time for a weekend of dialogue, cultural exchange and home-stays. Come hear our stories of how this bridging project of

two different communities has impacted all of us, letting us see beyond stereotypes and care about each other's well-being.

Special performance by the Leverett Community Chorus.

Hands Across the Hills started after the 2016 election, with a group of Leverett residents wanting to understand a region of our country that had voted differently than most of our town. This is our third gathering: the first in Leverett in October 2017, then in Whitesburg KY in 2018, now again in Leverett 2019.

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