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  • Sharon Dunn

CBS Evening News will Feature Hands Across the Hills Feb. 17

HANDS ACROSS THE HILLS will be featured on CBS Evening News on Wed., Feb. 17. Broadcast starts at 6:30 ET. It will include clips from a dialogue held this week with Gwen Johnson, Valerie Horn and Nell Fields of Letcher County KY and Debbie Roth-Howe, Stacey Lennard and Tom Wolff of Leverett, MA, with facilitation by Paula Green. Clips from previous dialogues, and interviews with Leverett's Paula Green, and KY's Gwen Johnson will also air. HATH is a grassroots organization that formed after the 2016 election to help bridge our nation's divide. Our two regions have met three times in each other's towns for immersive weekends and deep dialogue about our lives. We've continued to meet over Zoom during the pandemic. Note: If breaking news preempts our feature, it will be rescheduled.


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