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  • Sharon Dunn

Health Professionals from Around the World Listen to HATH’s Story of Hope

Six thousand attendees of the Institute for Healthcare Improvements’ 2020 31st Annual Forum heard the story

of Hands Across the Hills. IHI founder Don Berwick MD invited Gwen Johnson and Paula Green to converse with him in the conference’s keynote address. The virtual conference gathered health professionals—executives, doctors, boards —from over 50 countries.

Dr. Berwick emphasized the critical need for all factions of healthcare to work together. “How can we health professionals follow HATH’s example of bringing people together across divides?” is the question he poses.

Paula Green answers: “Dialogue is an incredible tool for moving from silos that we all live in, to broader collective vision in our institutions.” Gwen Johnson added: “We have to start listening to each other.”

December 9, 2020 IHI Keynote featuring Don Berwick, Gwen Johnson and Paula Green.

Running time: 42 minutes


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