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MLK Day Observance Brings Together KY and Western Mass

Hands Across the Hills' Sarah Pirtle organized a moving Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration with inspirational music and readings. The celebration included HATH and Bridge4 Unity members in Kentucky and Massachusetts as well as a coalition of four churches in Western Mass called "Moving Forward for Racial Healing." The program featured Dr. Amilcar Shabazz, Tom Weiner, Nell Fields, the Rev. Steve Peake and Quintissa Peake, the Rev. Stephen Philbrick and more. The Zoom event was moderated by Sarah Pirtle who is pastor of the Village Church in Cummington MA.

Guide to 2022 MLK Day Observance Video:

Opening Song: “This Little Light of Mine.” 0:56 Caroline Mack — quotes from Dr. King Greetings from Rev. Sarah Pirtle, Village Church, Cummington 6:54 - 21:30 Dr. Amilcar Shabazz 27:25 Lea Morris sings “Let Justice Roll Down” by Aileen Vance 30:38 Caroline Mack 33:16 Rev. Steve Philbrick sharing Dr. King’s Riverside Church speech. 39:20 Tom Weiner, co-author with Dr. Shabazz of In Defiance: Little Known Seekers of Racial Justice and Equality since the Dawn of Enslavement. 52:40 Nell Fields from KY Hands Across the Hills greets everyone. 55:00 Rev. Steve Peake and his daughter Quintissa, Bridge4Unity. 1:06:48 Dr. King’s prayer 1:13:00 Penny Schultz Movement Voter Project 1:18:00 Rep. Angie Hatton, Kentucky, Minority whip, state legislature. 1:23:40 Satyena Ananda, Starseed Center, Savoy, Ma 1:30:35 Rev. Steve Philbrick, W. Cummington Church


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