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  • Bryan Marquard, The Boston Globe

Paula Green, tireless advocate for peace, dies at 84

From the March 22, 2022 edition of The Boston Globe, this recognition of Paula Green:

In a world beset with anger, conflict, and war, Paula Green worked endlessly to promote peace.

She often did so by bringing together those who wouldn’t ordinarily share a meal or even the same room — Israelis and Palestinians, for example, or liberal Democrats from Western Massachusetts and conservatives from a Kentucky county that overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump for president.

“I believe that we human beings can change our behavior and have the potential to express tolerance and good will toward others,” she told the Boston Globe in 1998. “We are not born to hate, and we don’t have to spend our lives in antagonistic, hurtful, brutal relationships.”

A practicing Buddhist who created multiple places and programs to resolve seemingly intractable conflicts, Dr. Green died Feb. 21 of a heart attack. She was 84, lived in Leverett, and had been diagnosed with lung cancer, which had returned after being successfully treated 13 years ago.


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